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Spring 2015 meeting notes Spring 2015 meeting notes Spring 2015 meeting notes FAQ about technology at KBCC

Welcome to the

KCC Teaching With Technology Wiki 


About this wiki

This wiki was originally designed as a supplement to the Kingsborough Community College KCTL Teaching with Technology Interest Group, begun in the Spring 2007.  It is intended as a living document in which interest group participants and others will communicate, share and archive ideas related to the problems and issues surrounding teaching with technology.


This wiki is currently open to the public.  Instead of being like live meetings or seminars that only involve the immediate participants, this wiki creates an archive of knowledge for members and non-members to use.  Everything added to this wiki will remain here for future interested parties to read, update or add to.  The dream is that, as institutional knowledge and good ideas accumulate here, the document will grow into a resource for teachers who use technology in their teaching.


You can get a good overview about the various group topics, discussions and meetings by reviewing the Side Bar.  Please see the page MEETING NOTES in the sidebar for summaries of our meeting beginning in 2013.  Check out the FAQ link on the KBCC website for answers to questions about using technology on campus.http://www.kbcc.cuny.edu/its/Pages/faq.aspx#smart .


The TWT group and wiki is administered by Amy Haas of Kingsborough Community College. For permission to edit or add to this wiki contact Amy Haas at ahaas@kbcc.cuny.edu.



Enhancing Live Classrooms with Technology


Probably the most frequently asked question about use of technology in the classroom is teachers asking, "how will this technology help me?"  Ideally the answer is something that fulfills an unmet need and engages students in new ways of learning without imposing an undue workload on the teacher.  The ideas listed below are some suggestions for activities and tools that can enhance existing classroom learning while not increasing, and in some cases actually lifting, the burden of workload for instructors.


Meeting notes Spring 2015    (contains summaries of meeting and links to handouts)

Interested in teaching hybrid or online courses. Refer to the links in the sidebar that were distributed at the May 2015 meeting . Old Guidelines for Teaching Hybrid & Online Courses.pdf  and Protocol for Peer Observation of an Online Course.pdf

Reasonable accommodations: Materials discussed at the spring 2015 TWT meeting:  Disabilities awareness and Reasonable accommodations 


For answers to FAQ about technology at KBCC check out these links: FAQ about technology at KBCC  and http://www.blackboard.com/quicktutorials/quicktutorials.htm


Poll Everywhere


Review the sidebar to access the various pages of this wiki > > > > >



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